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Jami Dennis is stepping away from the day to day of running ABC Nannies, Mentoring at the Entrepreneurial Organization, and presiding over APNA, to answer all of your questions. Jami has 20+ years of experience building businesses and as the President of the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies it is no shocker that she's happy to share every thing she knows. Jami is a long time mentor for the EO, Entrepreneurial Organization, helping others achieve success. Sharing her knowledge is her passion and this is YOUR opportunity to ASK HER ANYTHING and push your dreams into reality.

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About The Host

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Enginehire has integrated all the processes that staffing agencies need into one platform. Jobs Post Creation, Application Collection, Documents Digitally Signed, Payment Collection, Interview Scheduling, Note Recording, Automated Reference Checking, Email Automation and Design, Customizable Beautiful Digital Candidate and Client Portfolios. Complete Multilevel Shift Scheduling, Meeting Scheduling, Product Shop, API Integrations, Basic Bookkeeping, Candidate Community. And an App Addition to keep you in the palm of your clients all the time. And more added Everyday.

It’s truly an all-in-one solution for running agencies, where administrators can save time.

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