The all-in-one software system for au pair agency management

From the moment a family arrives on your website to the moment your au pair walks into their home, and everything in between, power your agency with the truly all-in-one platform that takes care of your entire process.

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The process begins with a fully customized family registration form

The system supports any language, so families and au pairs can choose the language they want to use

All new family inquiries will appear in your branded agency dashboard

Arrange a meeting to learn more about the family

The system will handle all of your communication, sending out a booking calendar, and automated follow ups and reminders so you never lose a lead

During the meeting use the side by side view with a custom template of questions to update the family file and take your notes at the same time

If the family is ready to move forward

Every family has a personal page through your agency where they can sign agreements, securely upload documents, and make payments

Families can enrich their profile with additional information and rich multimedia like video recordings and photo galleries

Create a posting

Like a job posting you can create a post about the opportunity, which can be automatically shared on your website to attract au pairs

This posting can be broadcasted to your au pair database and/or partner agencies you work with

Manage Au Pairs

Create a custom application form for au pairs, including education, work history, references, etc.

Au pairs appear in your database and you can move them through your process: interviewing, documentation, reference checking, background checking and more

Every au pair, has a beautiful, customizable portfolio which can be shared with families

Seamless Flow With Partner Agencies

Agencies you work with in other countries can easily submit au pairs and family information to you! You can seamlessly keep track of who came from where, and also send your information to them.

Match Au Pairs with the family

Hand select the au pairs you want to share with the family, including a description of why you think they are the right fit

Families can view au pair profiles (concealing any sensitive information) and let you know if they are interested or not interested

If a family is interested, the system helps you arrange an interview with the au pair, or they can even securely chat through the system if you’d like (you can see all conversations)

Complete the Placement

If the family is ready to move forward, the system will guide all parties through next steps, documentation requirements, etc.

Collect your placement fees

Have an automated schedule of check-ins and follow ups before, during and after the placement to ensure everyone has a smooth experience!

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Discover why hundreds of agencies love and trust Enginehire

We can easily transfer your information from any existing system and integrate with any website!

Discover why hundreds of agencies love and trust Enginehire

We can easily transfer your information from any existing system and integrate with any website!

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