Staffing & Scheduling

Understanding exactly the client’s staff requirements, finding available candidates by quickly searching through long lists of data, and managing the communication between both parties while taking care of hundreds of requests at the same time shouldn't be that hard!

With our centralized dashboard you can track; organize; and filter incoming job orders, view applicants, broadcast jobs to your candidate network, and auto-march and staff the perfect candidates for your clients.


Calendar Manager

Track, organize, and filter all incoming job requests, check their progress based on a series of personalized statuses, and create and export reports to your payroll system.

Matching System

Control every aspect of your matching workflows, from manually assigning candidates to deciding the criteria to automatically match them. You can use any information from clients’ and candidates’ profiles to create great matching algorithms.

Broadcasting System

Want to be fast? Get your candidates to apply or take jobs faster by notifying the right temps at the right time. Use any of our communication channels: Email, SMS, or Push Notifications to your Branded Mobile App.

Time and Geo-location Tracking

Track temps’ work time and charge clients for overtime with our clock-in/out system. With our Geo Location Tracking System now you will know if your temps are actually working.

Job Reports

Do you want to know what happened during a shift? Create personalized report templates for your temps to fill out when finishing a shift. Give better context to new temps by sharing access to old reports from clients.

Built-in Chat

Provide a direct communication channel between temps and clients. You can monitor every single message that has been sent.

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