Financial Well-being for Nannies: Making Your Money Work as Hard as You Do featuring Warren Burger, CEO of Luminary Financial Advisors

The truth is your ideal financial plan is as unique as your fingerprint – no two are alike. And that’s why Warren Burger founded Luminary Financial Advisors. I left Wall Street to pursue my own personal dream: a second act in life working with people, not institutions. I wanted to use my three decades of industry knowledge and my passion for finance to help everyday people instead of big banks and major corporations. I wanted to make a real difference in real people’s lives. And Luminary Financial Advisors allows me to do just that. Helping others feel empowered and confident in their financial future has been more rewarding than I could have imagined. Relieving the worry in a client’s eyes as we forge a path ahead together makes me feel like I’ve completed a job well done.

One distinct aspect that sets me apart in the field of financial planning is my dedicated focus on nannies as clients. With 27 years of experience on Wall Street, I bring a deep understanding of finance that’s often reserved for high-net-worth clients. However, I apply this sophisticated financial knowledge to help nannies—who often don’t have access to personalized financial advice—navigate their unique challenges and opportunities. I provide comprehensive financial planning, which ensures that my services are thorough and rooted in a proven educational framework. This blend of top-tier financial expertise with a commitment to a frequently underserved group allows me to make a significant impact in the lives of my clients.

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