Manage all clients’ information in one place, understand what information they are missing, and manage notes related to their profile.

A visual database where you can see and filter client profiles, assign different account managers, and take bulk actions.


Easily gather all client information from multiple channels and centralize it in one place more info. Take control of your data by customizing views to manage and review client details with ease.
Efficiently manage and update client data without the need to make individual changes: Sort clients by using specific criteria from their profiles and modifying their information in bulk.
Assign team members to manage client accounts and get notified of any changes. This can help make it easier to keep track of clients and communicate with your team.

Effortlessly monitor your clients’ activities and stay up to-date on their progress. This allows you to take timely action, such as sharing relevant documents, booking a meeting, or nudging them to complete an important task. more info

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