Enginehire and SitterPro: Shaping the Future Together with UrbanSitter

Big news for our community! Sitter Pro is joining forces with Enginehire, and together, we’re embarking on an exciting journey to deliver the most comprehensive care agency software on the market. And there’s a cherry on top: our groundbreaking partnership with UrbanSitter, Sitter Pro’s parent company, will transform the backup care industry and present new growth opportunities for agencies everywhere.

Combining Strengths

Enginehire is a trailblazer in developing top-notch agency software, known for its innovative approach and cutting-edge technology. Sitter Pro brings to the table unparalleled expertise in account management and operations, with a deep understanding of the care industry’s nuances. By bringing our strengths together, we’re creating a powerhouse of innovation and service that stands unmatched in the care agency space.

“Sitter Pro has built a well-deserved reputation for operational excellence, with top-notch customer service and design that has set industry standards,” states Enginehire CEO, Aakash Goel. “We’re thrilled to bring that kind of commitment to quality into Enginehire. Our mission has always been to use technology to help agencies succeed and grow, and working together with the amazing team at Sitter Pro is a big step towards creating the very best solution in the industry.”

Revolutionizing Backup Care

Our collaboration with UrbanSitter ushers in a new era for backup care. UrbanSitter, with over a decade of experience in providing backup care employee benefits to corporations across the US, will soon enable nanny agencies to gain direct access to fill UrbanSitter’s backup care jobs from their Enginehire dashboard. Better yet, agencies will be able to manage and communicate with families through Enginehire, eliminating the usual complexities of backup care fulfillment and boosting agency brand visibility with new clients. It’s a transformative approach, opening new revenue streams for agencies and advancing the care industry forward.

“UrbanSitter’s new partnership with Enginehire is a game-changer for the care industry,” said Lynn Perkins, UrbanSitter co-founder and CEO. “It’s all about making connections that count—linking nanny agencies directly with families needing backup care. This collaboration means more opportunities for agencies, more choices for families, and a big leap forward in how care is provided.”

Join Us on This Journey

We’re thrilled about the road ahead and the positive impact our combined forces will have on the care industry. This isn’t just a new chapter; it’s a revolution in connecting technology, families, and care providers. Curious to see how this unfolds? Dive deeper or schedule a demo with Enginehire to explore the future of care agency software.

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