Webinar: How About A WIN WIN WIN? And $10K Extra To Show For It? Featuring Rachel Lawrence, Sr Partnership Specialist at HomeWork Solutions

ABOUT OUR SPEAKER: RACHEL LAWRENCE Rachel is passionate about the nanny industry, and her work shows it. attending and speaking at industry conferences put on by iNNTD, Nannypalooza, INA, APNA, and USNA, her focus is always on education and improvement. Rachel believes knowledge is the natural first step to change. She focuses on educating household employers and employees, about why legal pay and adhering to labor laws is so important and works to hard to encourage the industry as a whole to strive for higher industry standards. Rachel’s passion and knowledge come from an 18 year foundation in the industry, in a variety of rolls. Her career began as a nanny, later moving on to work for local and national placement agencies, own a boutique nanny agency, and work as the Operations Manager for the International Nanny Association, all before joining the HomeWork Solutions team in 2019. As a working mom with three children, she has also been a nanny employer. In addition to her professional work in the industry, Rachel volunteers as well. She has twice served on the board of directors of the INA, and is the founder of FairAndLegalPay.com, a coalition designed to raise awareness about the need for legal pay in the industry. Her diversified work within the industry gives her a unique vantage point, allowing her to see things through a multifaceted lens, and consider all parties involved when addressing industry topics. We are thrilled to share this opportunity to learn from her.

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About The Host

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