Is Your Staffing Software Truly an All-in-One Solution?

A staffing software or temp agency software, which is an all-in-one solution does indeed have all features in one place. It helps you and your company grow immensely.

An all-in-one solution is meant to save a lot of your time, customize the processes and workflows from end to end, and last but not least, build client credibility. And what’s the end result? – happy customers, a profitable agency, and an easy life.

But is the staffing software that you are using an all-in-one solution? Does it:

Allows Creating Recruiting and Vetting Workflows?

That’s what is required the most by any user who is using staffing software. Most of the software solutions do not have this kind of feature. It’s a complex one. However, it’s a handy one given how the recruiting process goes.

And no one wants to do it via an email chat. With this feature at your disposal, any recruiter can create a minimal yet personalized step-by-step vetting and recruiting workflow that can ultimately serve the candidates.

Offers Candidate Dashboards?

Where will the candidate get updates regarding what’s the latest on a job posting? On a candidate dashboard. Again only an all-in-one solution has this kind of feature. With this feature, all you have to do is provide login access to the dashboards of each applicant so that they can look into the progress of the hiring.

Whether it’s about the recruitment process, interview call-ups, or new job opportunities, everything will be available in one place.

Has Advanced Filtering System?

This one’s special. In an advanced filtering system, the recruiters have access to a visual database in which you can see all the applicants that have been applying to the jobs and filter these applicants based on your preferences.

After filtering the applicants you can assign the obtained lists to various other recruiters in your company and also take bulk actions. What gets easy with an advanced filtering system is keeping track of the candidates. Keeping them segregated based on various filters.

Allows Easy Staffing and Scheduling?

That’s a need of every company right now. Companies do not want to be stuck in the constant back and forth of a complex staffing workflow. That’s why temp software that provides solutions in multiple endeavors is a must-use for companies.

Staff’s requirements, searching candidates in a snap of fingers, managing requests, communicating between parties, and whatnot – a staffing software has it all.

What’s outstanding is the feature of a centralized dashboard, which allows tracking, organizing, and filtering job applicants, viewing applicant info, broadcasting jobs, and auto-staffing the candidates – all from one single place.

Allows Creating Job Boards and Posting Job Applications?

One of the most vital parts of the recruitment process is the creation of job applications and job boards. With staffing agency software, you can create beautiful, stunning job boards on which various job applications can be posted that can serve and attract candidates in a whole different manner.

A job board not only allows the posting of various job opportunities but also allows easy vetting of candidates when they start applying for the jobs. And guess what? – These job boards can be shared with anyone with just one click and can also be integrated into websites.

Integrates with 100s of Apps?

App integrations are a must. No matter what kind of software solution you’re using, you have to be connected with other applications via that software solution so that things are easy and fast on the go.

Name whatever application you want to, a truly all-in-one staffing agency software must integrate with the following apps:

  • Zoom
  • Calendly
  • Stripe
  • QuickBooks
  • Google Meet
  • Zapier
  • Wix
  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • GoDaddy
  • Checkr
  • Square
  • Squarespace

Enginehire – Truly an All-in-One Temp Agency and Staffing Software

So, what do you say? Does the staffing software that you’re using have all the above features and specialties? Is it truly an all-in-one solution? Well, Enginehire has it all. Or dare we say – it is indeed truly an all-in-one solution.

Candidate dashboards? Check. Advanced filtering system? Check. Applicant vetting and recruiting workflows? Check. Job boards and applications posting? Check. Staffing and scheduling? Check. CRM? Check. Portfolio building? Check. Client dashboard? Check. Lead generation for clients? Check. Payments and invoicing? Check. API integration? Check. Marketing tools? Check. Automation of communication? Check. Data analytics? Check. You name it and we will deliver it.

Surprised? Feeling left out? Wanna try Enginehire? Book your demo here.


What’s temp agency software or staffing software?

A temp agency software or staffing software assists companies in fulfilling their hiring needs. It essentially is a recruiter at your disposal but a virtual one. Things are made easy, fast, and so smooth when it comes to hiring candidates for various job openings in your company. 

What’s a truly all-in-one staffing software solution?

We call a staffing software solution a truly all-in-one only if it offers all the features in one place. Like Enginehire. Whether it’s candidate dashboard creation, advanced filtering of applicants, recruitment using workflows, creating job boards, posting job applications, sharing job links from one place, CRM, automation of processes, and even marketing – Enginehire does it all. 

Is Enginehire truly a good staffing software?

It is. It’s not us that’s saying that but instead, it’s our customers. Look at our reviews of Google, look at our reviews on Capterra, and look at our reviews on G2. We pride ourselves in offering what we do and we are striving to not be just good but great.

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