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Try the free, fully automated reference checking system for staffing agencies

Create fully customized reference check forms, easily collect references from your candidates and applicants, and the Reference Check Assistant will automatically reach out, follow up and manage your reference checking for you!

Read reviews from owners like you on

Read reviews from agency owners like you on

Step 1: Collect References

Create a custom form to send to your candidates and applicants to collect their references.

Step 2: Reference Check Form

Create a custom reference check form to be sent out to references to fill in.

You can have different forms for different roles & applicant types!

Step 3: Automated Sequences

Create sequences of automated emails and SMS messages to ask people to complete references!
The Reference Assistant will take it from there, reaching out to people on your behalf.

You'll have a master table where you can keep track of all your applicants and all their references.

The system will generate beautiful reference reports you can use to present the reference results to your clients.

Why does it work?

Have you ever spent a day calling references, leaving voicemail after voicemail, and nobody answers?

The main reason is that people are busy. We've worked with thousands of applicants and references, in most cases references are happy to provide a reference and willing to talk to you, they just don't have time to take a random call in the middle of the day.

This doesn't mean you can't call people, and if you do get someone on the phone that's great! But a form based system just makes life easier for everyone, allowing references to provide the reference when it's convenient for them, surprisingly often at random times, early in the morning, late at night and on the weekend.

IP tracking technology helps make sure the same person is not filling in all the references.

Is this really free? Why?

The honest answer is we are hoping you might want to try our full agency automation and management system at some point!

But if you don’t, no worries! You can use the Reference Check Assistant for free forever, no strings attached.

At Enginehire we believe very deeply in the value of time. Every minute matters, and we don’t want you to spend a single one of yours on mindless tasks that don’t improve your business or life.
If you want a professional reference checking option beyond the automated assistant, we also have an integration with a company called Scout!

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