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-Eugenia Siero

-District Sitter

What was your first job?

University Library assistant

What inspired you to start your business?

My parents and grandparents were business owners, I always knew I wanted to follow their steps, but after I became a professional nanny in Washington DC, I found a passion for helping families, protecting children, and advocating for other nannies as well.

What is your core value that guides you?

Empathy, I can understand and feel for others deeply and that drives my actions as well as compassion.

What makes your company a standout and why do people want to work with you?

We have a very personal approach and flexibility.  We stand for fair and respectful nanny and household employment. We are a local agency with strong nanny connections and work extremely hard to support all our clients with top caregivers in our area. We are nanny advocates and understand the needs of modern families which is why we continue to evolve with the needs of their demands. Our clients love to work with us because we provide full childcare options from Full time nannies to on call babysitters and they love to feel supported at all times.

What makes a client or candidate to work with?

We love working with families who understand and appreciate a nanny’s role in their children’s lives and are appreciative of them. Clients who are willing to learn and use us as a resource when it comes to household employment.

Our favorite candidates are nannies who are communicative, take their nanny career seriously and want to grow within the industry. The nannies that stand out for us are those who are willing to help families whole heartedly and love children the most.

What is your specialty?

Event Childcare and Part time nannies!

What is the single greatest achievement you’ve made in your career?

Starting my agency as someone who is an immigrant in the US with not many connections and thriving even after a pandemic is a huge accomplishment for me.

How do you envision the future of your business?

I see District Sitter evolving into a more established nanny and household agency with greater resources for parents and nannies. I see us growing our placements for household staff even more in the future.

What is the best advice that you would share with a budding entrepreneur?

Something I realized in 2023, is that it is ok to change your original business vision and make changes as your business grows, change is positive. I would advise to really listen to your clients and their evolving needs so you can stay relevant and truly serve them in the best way possible.

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